Jamie Durie + Tasman Eco: The Bookleaf Collection

Tasman Eco and Jamie Durie, one of Australia’s most recognised landscape architects and furniture designers,  have partnered together to create a series of nursery furniture collections for Australian families. The first release of these collections is the Bookleaf, including both a baby cot and 3-drawer chest.

This new collaboration between Jamie Durie and the team at Tasman Eco brings a focus to quality products, with a fresh approach to design, helping Australian families to create a haven for their families.

The inspiration behind the Bookleaf collection is inspired from Jamie’s fascination with plants (think grasses, reeds and bamboo), a passion of his that is well-known, as well as Art Deco elements. The partnership came together quite naturally, Tasman Eco has a strong, established history of designing and manufacturing nursery furniture and Jamie brought a fresh eye and his design experience to an industry that he previously hadn’t worked in. Jamie said, ‘Tasman Eco are my dream clients. The collaboration was intrinsic, intuitive and seamless. When initial discussions commenced, I had hopes of having more children, little did I know the very products I designed for them would be now sitting in my home, where our beautiful little baby Beau rests peacefully’.

Both the Bookleaf Cot and Bookleaf Chest are crafted from solid New Zealand pine, completed with a natural, non-toxic finish.

The Bookleaf collection, as with all Tasman Eco furniture products, is primarily focused on safety, ensuring that families can have complete confidence as they look to build their nursery space, each piece in compliance with both Australian and New Zealand standards.

You can discover and learn more about the collection on our website, the Bookleaf Cot and Bookleaf Chest.  The Bookleaf collection is available to purchase exclusively via Baby Bunting across New South Wales, South Australia, and Victoria.