Tasman Eco Nursery Diaries: Monika Radulovic

We’re ecstatic to bring you a series of interviews where we sit and chat with new Mum’s about how they’re feeling and how they’re styling and organising their nursery upon the arrival of their new little additions. First up, we chatted with Monika Radulovic about her nursery as she excitedly awaits the arrival of her baby boy. 

Firstly, how are you? How are you feeling and how has your pregnancy journey been up until now, weeks away from your little boy’s arrival? 

I feel great, thank you for asking! Honestly, I’ve had such a wonderful time being pregnant. Luckily, I didn’t experience any type of morning sickness, food aversions or cravings. I’ve felt like myself throughout my entire pregnancy, aside from being a little more tired at times. I don’t know how or why I got so lucky, but I am so grateful for this pregnancy experience to date and I certainly don’t take it for granted. 

How has the lead-up and preparation to the arrival of your baby boy been? 

It’s been such an exciting and surreal time, I am already 37 weeks pregnant and I still can’t believe I am about to be a Mum. I am planning for a home water birth and I am actually looking forward to the labour, and while I know it will be one of the more challenging days of my life, I keep reminding myself that my body was made for this, as well as of the women that have given birth before me; if they all could do it, I surely can! Also, I have the most incredible team around me, my amazing midwife, Jo Hunter, my doula, Erika, my husband and my beautiful Mum, all who will be there on the day with me and my little peanut. 

What Tasman Eco nursery set did you choose for your nursery? 

I decided on the Venice Cot and the Venice Chest of Drawers and I am so incredibly happy with my choice! 

We’re so happy you’re happy! What do you love about the Venice Set? 

I adore how timeless both pieces are and I can definitely see myself using them for any future children we may have. They are modern, elegant and simple in design. The details and how they’ve been finished are a testament to the quality of the products. I absolutely love the detail on the Venice Chest, I can’t wait to put it to use.

What approach did you take in decorating your nursery? 

Firstly, I chose the two hero pieces for the room, the cot and the chest, because I knew they would take the most space but I also wanted to give them space to breathe. Having learnt about Tasman Eco, I immediately gravitated towards the Venice Set and I used them as the nursery’s foundation. From here the process was quite easy, adding little touches here and there to create an airy, cozy space where nothing was overpowered by one item more than the other. 

What kind of space did you want to create for your nursery? 

I wanted a space that was peaceful, relaxing and gave an instant calm to anyone who walked into the room. I added some greenery, using a neutral palette of whites, creams and greys. I tried to avoid adding lots of little toys and gadgets, keeping it minimal, for now at least! No-one can really say what will happen when our little guy is here, taking complete charge! 

So we know you’re having a little boy, incredibly exciting! How has this influenced the interiors of the nursery? 

I am so excited to meet our little guy. I have always loved the idea of a gender neutral nursery, again reflecting that peaceful, calm energy I mentioned above. I have added touches of blue to the nursery, with a soft silk and wool rug, our storage trunks and some cushions in the cot. We’re just so excited to have him here with us! 

Find Monika here on Instagram and we hope you love her nursery as much as we do!