The Tasman Eco Charity Network

At Tasman Eco, we’re lucky to work with families everyday, helping them to build and create their dream baby nursery space. While some families have the luxury of being able to shop and purchase baby furniture of their choice, there are other families who don’t. We want all families to have a safe and secure sleeping space for their child, a place that makes those early days, weeks and months that little bit easier.

Tasman Eco is proud to be working with a network of Australian charities, who are focused on providing families in need with baby products and nursery furniture that are not only usable but safe. These charities ensure that more families are given the opportunity to set up a nursery space for their children, with access to key necessities that they may not have been able to purchase or consider before.

Tasman Eco is working with the following charities;

Across this network of charities, there is a lot of love, dedication and care, which can be seen in their focus on delivering access, opportunity, hope and happiness. The team at Tasman Eco are in awe of the work that each of these charities do every single day. Our contribution here at Tasman Eco is small compared to the time and effort that each of these charities, staff and volunteers offer up. We are proud to be able to support them, helping ensure they have access to a consistent supply of quality-focused and safe nursery furniture.

We’ve listed some common instances in which we would pass over nursery furniture to our charity network;

  • If we’ve had to capture new images or use furniture for a photoshoot, we are able to pass these pieces of furniture over. These nursery furniture pieces are brand new but unboxed, they are in great condition and ready to be used. Of course, we will assess if the cot is usable and safe for a family to use before sending it off and the charity will also perform the required checks on their side, ensuring that it meets safety requirements and Australian standards.
  • There are instances when a piece of furniture on the way to a customer may become damaged in transit. If the damage is able to be corrected and repaired, we will pass this over to one of the charities within our network, who will have it repaired, ensuring it meets Australian standards. Most of the charities that we work with at Tasman Eco have a ‘cot specialist’ on site. The cot specialist assesses the state of the cot and determines if the cot can be repaired to meet Australian standards. Some times the damage in transit will be a small scratch and will take little time and effort to get it looking brand-new. The cot specialist will also make sure the baby cot comes with the required hardware, as it would if purchasing a new cot.

Our team at Tasman Eco is committed to working with the above charity network within Australia, ensuring these charities and organisations have access to safe and secure furniture that they can give to families in need. Our team is incredibly grateful and thankful for the work, time and effort that they give each and everyday, inspiring hope and happiness. A big thank you from the team at Tasman Eco! We’re so looking forward to the future and the work and difference we can make together.