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Tasman Eco’s collection of bassinets and baby cots are safe and in line with Australian Standards. They are comfortable, functional, easy-to-use and are a wonderful addition to your home and nursery, ensuring peace of mind for parents and children, especially in those early months.

In those first early months with your newborn baby, it is an exciting but daunting time for new parents. Having your baby close is reassuring for parents, keeping them close to monitor their every moment, usually in the first 6 months. The Tasman Eco Collection is considerate of your baby’s growth, from birth until their toddler years, with bassinets, our collection of cots and our compact cots, you’ll have the option of adjustable heights and other features to ensure you’ll be able to use their sleeping space from birth till 3 years old, and with some of our other cots, beyond. Our bassinets and collection of compact cots are usually on wheels or castors for easy transitions in your home, even when wanting to keep your baby close to you, outside of the bedroom or nursery.

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