Where does the name Tasman Eco come from?

Tasman Eco was founded in 2002, a partnership between Steve Cenatiempo from Sydney, and John Abraham,  from New Zealand. The name Tasman Eco  is an ode to the Tasman Sea which separates both Australia and New Zealand, and a recognition of our commitment to our global environment.

Where are Tasman Eco products manufactured?

All Tasman Eco products are currently designed in Australia, these designs are then passed over to our factory partners overseas who proceed with all manufacturing. We have strict quality standards across each of our products and each product category and we strive to employ environmentally and socially responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices. 

Our production process takes place in factories that have years of passionate manufacturing knowledge and expertise. We have built relationships with these factories and have ensured that they meet Australian safety standards and our quality standards. Prior to the pandemic, we’d visit our factories in China a couple of times a year to monitor and check in on the production facilities and performance, catching up with team and ensuring processes and practices were monitored to deliver the Tasman Eco product range.

Where is Tasman Eco based?

Tasman Eco is based in Sydney, Australia. It is both owned and operated in Australia.

Where can I see Tasman Eco products in person?

You can check out Tasman Eco products in-store with some of our retail partners, alternatively, we sometimes have display products for viewings at Tasman Eco HQ. Check in with our team and we can assist you.

Do you offer pick-ups at Tasman Eco HQ?

Yes, absolutely. If you’d prefer to come and pick-up your order from our offices in Sydney, we welcome it. Simply get in touch with our team and we can help you in arranging the time and date to pick-up.

Product Information

What materials do Tasman Eco use across their product range? 

Radiata Pine Timber is a popular timber type used in furniture manufacturing. It is relatively easy to use in manufacturing processes and is known to be a sturdy and durable material, which will last for a long time. At Tasman Eco, we use FSC certified materials, which are sourced from sustainable forests globally, in locations like New Zealand, Australia, Chile and Spain. 

MDF stands for Medium Density Fibreboard and is an engineered wood composite. MDF often mimics the look of wood and is used to manufacture furniture, substituting solid wood and plywood. MDF is made with waste wood, so not only is it eco-friendly, but an economical option in comparison to solid wood or plywood. It has a smooth finish and is generally very easy to use and handle. We use MDF across some of our product range and we will generally use MDF and timber together. 

Where is Tasman Eco timber sourced? 

At Tasman Eco, we use FSC certified materials, which are sourced from sustainable forests globally, in locations like New Zealand, Australia, Chile and Spain. 

Do I need any tools to assemble Tasman Eco nursery furniture?

Yes, you will need some tools to assemble your furniture, however you will receive all of the necessary hardware that will come with your order.  

Will Tasman Eco furniture fade in direct sunlight? 

Like most timber furniture, the timber may fade over time if placed in direct sunlight. If you would like to avoid the natural fade of timber, we recommend shielding the furniture piece from direct sunlight. 

Where can I find product details, regarding materials, product dimensions and product weight? 

On the Tasman Eco website, each of the individual product pages will have all of the information specific to each product. 

Do Tasman Eco cots meet the Australian Standards? 

We take the safety of your baby very seriously at Tasman Eco. Each of our cots have met and passed the strict Australian Standards for household cots, AS/NZ 2172:2013. 

You can read more about Tasman Eco and the Australian Cot Standards here. 

What are the differences between each of the Tasman Eco mattresses? 

Foam mattresses are made with a high quality sponge that has a removable and washable polyester cover, it can be used on both sides. The foam mattress is the most cost-effective option, however, only available for compact cots. 

The Pocket spring mattress has pocket spring base (individual springs), can be used on both sides and comes with a non-removable polyester cover. This tends to be better than foam for airflow. The advantage of upgrading to the premium is that it has a higher quality cover, that is removable, and slightly better springs. 

The Premium pocket spring mattress uses an individual pocketspring base, providing more support as each spring is working on its own. It comes with a 20mm latex and foam topper, taking away from the pressure of the springs, helping to prevent heat retention. It has a removable and washable bamboo cover with a non-slip base. It is only able to be used on one side.

Can I buy the paint used on the products? 

The paint we use on our products are not available to purchase directly from Tasman Eco. However, if you are looking to purchase a matching or similar paint colour, we recommend taking a part of the cot to a hardware or paint store to have the colour matched. 

Is the paint and/or coating on the Tasman Eco products non-toxic? 

Yes, all of the paint and the coating used across Tasman Eco furniture products is non-toxic. These products have been independently tested and certified by the SGS Group. 

Are there chemicals used in Tasman Eco mattresses? 

There are no chemicals used in the Tasman Eco mattresses. Each of the Tasman Eco mattresses have been independently tested by the SGS Group, who ensure the mattresses do not contain toxic or allergenic substances. 

How do I know what size mattress I need for my cot or bassinet? 

It’s important that you use the correct and recommended mattress for your cot and bassinet. The recommended mattress size and information can be found on the individual product pages, where we have listed the recommended sizes for your Tasman Eco cot or bassinet. 

Do I need to assemble my product when it arrives? 

Most of the Tasman Eco furniture collection require assembly, each product comes with the required bolts and parts, as well as a set of instructions to help you in assembling the product. Also, most of the Tasman Eco range is sent flat packed, to reduce the risk of damage in transit.


What are your payment options? 

On the Tasman Eco website, we accept payment via both credit and debit card. Customers also have the option of using Afterpay, as well as PayPal. 

Will my card be charged at the checkout or at the time of shipment? 

If you purchased using a credit card or debit card, your card will be charged at the time of checkout for both in-stock and back-ordered products. 

If a product is out-of-stock, am I able to make a backorder? 

This will happen occasionally, where a product sells out and is unavailable for immediate dispatch/delivery, but it also means that there is more product on the way. 

Purchasing a product that is on backorder is a worry-free way to ensure that you will be the first-in-line for new inventory and that the product will be sent out to you as soon as it arrives at our warehouse. 

So yes, you are able to make a backorder, simply get in contact with our team, services@tasmaneco.com.au and we will be able to arrange this for you.

Once your order has left our warehouse, you will be notified so you know it’s on its way. You won’t need to worry about following up our team, we will take care of your order for you. We will do our best to estimate when backordered items are expected to ship, so you’re able to make plans and factor in the arrival of your Tasman Eco products. 

My item is backordered, can I cancel this order?

Yes, no issues here. Get in contact with our team and we will be able to arrange the cancellation. 

I am having issues checking out, can you process my order manually? 

If you are having issues with processing your order, you can get in contact with our team via email, services@tasmaneco.com.au and we will be able to assist you in getting your order processed. 


How will my order ship? 

Depending on the items you purchase and location, your order will ship via Australia Post, ASCAP or Allied.

Do you offer assembly or delivery to any room in my home? 

Unfortunately, no. This is something that we are looking to offer in the future. 

Why don’t you offer free shipping on orders under $1,000? 

We do not offer free shipping because the reality is, free shipping isn’t free. The cost of free shipping is often included directly into the cost of the product itself. We will always do our best to ensure we can help our customers save when they purchase with Tasman Eco. 

What is the shipping and delivery timeline? 

For in-stock orders, they are immediately transferred to our warehouse for processing and once your stock is ready-to-ship, you will receive your tracking details via email. 

If a product is out of stock or if your order is processed via backorder, our team will give you an estimate on when your product is expected to arrive at our warehouse and how soon it will leave the warehouse. 


Australia Post: 5-10 business days. 

ASCAP: 5-7 business days (Sydney Metro), 10-14 business days (Metro Melbourne), 10-14 business days (QLD and SA Metro), 

Allied: 5-10 business days. 

It is important to note that if you have ordered multiple items, your packages may arrive on separate delivery days, despite leaving our warehouse at the same time. Unfortunately, this is out of our control. You can refer to your tracking for the most up to date delivery estimate. 

Can I ship to a PO Box? 

Yes, if the item you’ve ordered is under 30cm, we are able to ship to a PO Box. 

Does Tasman Eco ship internationally? 

Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally yet. 

Where does Tasman Eco deliver? 

We currently ship to metro NSW, VIC, ACT, QLD and SA. If you are looking to have our products shipped to you outside of these areas, you can get in touch with our team and we will assist in getting a shipping quote and solution for you. 

What if I am not at home to receive the delivery? 

If you are not at home to receive your delivery and there is no safe place to leave your delivery, our delivery partner will be in contact with you to arrange an alternative time to deliver your order. 

Warranty Information

Is there a warranty on Tasman Eco products? 

Yes, all of our products have a warranty period between 1-5 years. To find out the exact warranty period on your product, you can check the individual product page on our website. 

What is covered by the Tasman Eco warranty? 

The Tasman Eco warranty covers any manufacturing defects or faults. 

What is not covered by the Tasman Eco warranty? 

    • Normal wear and tear, i.e. teething marks. 
  • Damage from incorrect product use, this might be transportation of the product, storage or negligence, as well as any damage that has come from products not recommended for cleaning.
  • Damage from a failure to follow the suggested/correct assembly and care instructions.
  • Damage from exposure to harsh conditions i.e. strong sunlight or extreme temperatures.
  • Any faults in our products that have been sold ‘as is’, or faults which have been made advised on prior 
  • to purchase. 

Is it possible to get a warranty extension? 

Unfortunately, we do not offer warranty extensions. 

In order to qualify for my Tasman Eco warranty, what do I need to do? 

If you keep your receipt and/or proof of purchase, our team will always be able to acknowledge your warranty. However, it is recommended that you register your warranty here, as soon as you’ve made your purchase.

Spare Parts

I am looking for spare parts for my Tasman Eco furniture item, where can I buy these? 

You can buy spare parts for Tasman Eco furniture items. If you need help finding the spare parts that you need, you can see which of the spare parts are the parts for your product on each of the product pages. 

Alternatively, you can get in contact with our team and we can help you work out which products you are after. 

I need to buy a cot bolt kit for my Tasman Eco Cot but cannot find my cot in the options?

If your cot is missing from the cot bolt kit options available on our website we can create a custom bolt kit for you. Get in contact with our staff at services@tasmaneco.com.au to organise a custom cot bolt kit. 

Can I track my order? 

You sure can. Not too long after you’ve placed your order, you’ll receive an email with your tracking details. If you don’t receive your tracking email within 24 hours, get in contact with our team and we will have this sorted for you ASAP. 

Where can I buy the Tasman Eco toddler bed, single bed and double bed conversion kits ?

Some of our older model cots came with the option to buy toddler, single and double bed conversion kits. 

The toddler bed rails/extension kits have been discontinued and are no longer available. 

Most of our current cots can convert into a toddler bed without the need of additional parts. 

Stock of single and double bed conversion  kits are limited. Get in touch with our staff at services@tasmaneco.com.au to check availability and to place an order. 

How do I know if my cot is ‘Tasman Eco’ or ‘Tasman Essentials’ for parts ?

The silver badge on the front panel of your cot will tell you whether you have a Tasman Eco or Tasman Essentials cot. 

I have purchased a second hand Tasman Eco cot, how do I identify which cot I have for spare parts ?

We can help you identify the make and model of your cot. Simply send us a photo of the headboard and badge using the ‘contact us’ section of our website. A member of our staff will identify which cot you have and direct you to the correct spare parts. 


What is the Tasman Eco return policy? 

Tasman Eco is focused on ensuring that buying nursery furniture is an easy and seamless process, and we do our best to make sure the returns process is just as simple. 

For all of our nursery furniture purchases we offer returns within 30 days of delivery. You will need to pay for the cost of shipping and ensure the items are in their original packaging and condition. 

I received a damaged/defective item in shipment. What should I do? 

If an item arrives and the packaging or the item itself is clearly and significantly damaged, you should take photos or video showing the damage, refuse to accept the delivery and contact us immediately. 

If you notice that an item is damaged after it has been delivered to you, please take photos or video clearly showing the damage and contact us as soon as possible, within 3 business days of receiving your delivery.

Email us at services@tasmaneco.com.au and include the following information; 

  • The name, used on the order;
  • The original order number;
  • The name(s) of the product(s) ordered you want to return;
  • The reason(s) for your return;
  • A description of the issue/reason for return;
  • Photos and/or video that allows us to see the issue with your product.

If you have noticed a fault or that the product is faulty while assembling your product, you shouldn’t continue or begin assembling the product. Tasman Eco will not be liable to provide any form of compensation/reimbursement for any additional hardware, panels or tools purchased to complete the assembly.

It is absolutely necessary that you hold on to all packaging until any issues associated with faulty or damaged products are resolved. Our logistic partner is unable to collect a fully or partly assembled product. Any product returned to us must be transported in our protective/outer packaging and in a manner adequate to withstand the ordinary risks associated with transit. Any loose products not in their protective plastic packaging and original box will be rejected by the courier.

Tracking shows that my shipment was delivered but I cannot find it. What should I do? 

If you are unable to locate your package/delivery make sure to get in contact with our team as soon as possible. 

Does Tasman Eco accept exchanges? 

We don’t accept exchanges, however if looking to change an item, we will need to first process it as a refund and then have you order your desired item. 

How much does it cost to make a return? 

The cost of a return will be dependent on the return. If it is a change of mind return, this will be a cost to the customer and they will need to arrange the return themselves. If the product is not as advertised or there are defects with the product, you need to get in contact with our team and we will be able to assist in arranging a return or an alternative solution if there is one. 

How long will my refund take? 

If your refund is being processed, it will normally take between 5-7 business days for the money to be back in your account. This is usually dependent on the individual bank.