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A safe dropside cot which has been tested against the strict Australian safety standards. Dropside cots often have a bad reputation because of some safety concerns in countries which do not have strict safety testing. The Elba Cot, like all of our baby cots, successfully passes all standards so your little one sleeps safely and parents have peace-of-mind.

Quality materials at a fair price

Our Elba Cot is made of solid timbers that are FSC certified and sourced sustainably. At Tasman Eco, we are committed to creating beautiful, functional and safe nursery furniture for parents and little ones, using the best materials available to us. Being an online exclusive we can provide this high quality at a lower cost as you’re buying direct from us.

Functional and thoughtfully designed

The Tasman Eco Elba Cot is classic in design, it represents everything a cot needs to be, a safe place for your little one to sleep. It is easy to assemble and convert (3 conversions), as well as giving a little more functionality with our ‘Safety Slide’ feature, enabling the side panel to move up and down for easier access.

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  • furniture_content: Our commitment to innovation in manufacturing and design is to ensure less waste from every part of our business while still delivering high quality furniture.
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  • furniture_icon1: Our products come flat packed, with all instructions included.
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  • furniture_icon2_content: Our product materials have been ethically sourced from sustainable forests, globally.
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  • furniture_icon3_content: 2 - 5 year warranty as a testament to the quality and longevity of our products.
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  • furniture_icon4_content: Our products have all been designed with safety front-of-mind, for you and your family.
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  • Assembly guide: https://tasmaneco.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Instructions_Elba-Cot.pdf.pdf

Elba (Out of Stock)


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