Opera Chest



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Functional and convenient

Designed to be useful and functional for families in their early months and years, the Opera chest features 3 large drawers and a changing station on top to keep things easy and cohesive in your nursery.

The Opera Chest

Available in two different colour-ways, all-white or white and sandstone, we often pair the Opera Chest with the Elba Cot or the Alana Cot, great combinations for your nursery.

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  • furniture_content: Our commitment to innovation in manufacturing and design is to ensure less waste from every part of our business while still delivering high quality furniture.
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  • furniture_icon1: Our products come flat packed, with all instructions included.
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  • Assembly guide: https://tasmaneco.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Opera-chest-20181102.pdf

Opera Chest


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