Pisa 3-Drawer Chest (Out of Stock)



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Completely considered

The Pisa Collection is made with sustainably sourced, environmentally considered materials, which are globally sourced and crafted with care to last a lifetime.

Beautifully designed

Our Pisa pieces have been designed to bring a soft and gentle feel to your nursery. With considered details and soft curves, the Pisa Collection will help you create a haven for your little one.

Plenty of choice

The Pisa Collection is available in 3 different colour ways, a great selection to help you create a beautiful nursery space. Each piece is designed with intention and function, presenting pieces that are made to last and easy to use.

Product Description



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  • furniture_title: Furniture for Life
  • furniture_content: Our commitment to innovation in manufacturing and design is to ensure less waste from every part of our business while still delivering high quality furniture.
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  • furniture_icon1_title: Easy Assembly
  • furniture_icon1: Our products come flat packed, with all instructions included.
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  • furniture_icon2_titile: Sustainably Sourced
  • furniture_icon2_content: Our product materials have been ethically sourced from sustainable forests, globally.
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  • furniture_icon3_title: Quality Guaranteed
  • furniture_icon3_content: 2 - 5 year warranty as a testament to the quality and longevity of our products.
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  • furniture_icon4_title: Safety Prioritised
  • furniture_icon4_content: Our products have all been designed with safety front-of-mind, for you and your family.
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  • Assembly guide: https://tasmaneco.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/Instructions_Pisa-Chest.pdf
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Pisa 3-Drawer Chest (Out of Stock)