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1-5 year warranty

Your family deserves the best. ‘Furniture for Life’ means giving our customers the peace of mind that they are buying nursery furniture for the future, pieces that will last and grow with their family.

As a testament to the quality, safety and longevity of our products, we offer warranties between 1 to 5 years across our range.

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Driving positive change

We’ve partnered with a wonderful charity network within Australia to create the Less Waste, Love More campaign, which is focused on less waste in the nursery furniture space and providing families in need with baby products and nursery furniture of excellent quality, using our network of charities who are focused on reaching these families.

Our charity network.

Our Story

We wanted to introduce you to our team, so you knew who you were buying from. This is the Tasman Eco team, a little bit about us, our story and how we got to where we are today.

  • Sustainable materials

    At Tasman Eco we believe in a sustainable future. That’s why we use renewable plantation timber. Our quality focus means our furniture will be around for the next generation, rather than ending up in landfill years or months after purchase.

  • From our family to yours

    When you make a purchase through our website you are buying directly from us. Removing intermediaries means a lower cost for you. We design the product, ensure and monitor the manufacturing process and track your order to your door.

  • + 30 years of experience

    The family behind Tasman Eco has been in the nursery furniture industry for more than 30 years. This experience and expertise has helped more than one million Australian parents with their own families. Tasman Eco continues to provide and design best value baby furniture products.

Early 90s

  • Casula, New South Wales
  • Steve Cenatiempo opened a baby department store, Cuddles ‘n’ Mum, open for 17 years. Recognised as one of the only go-to baby department stores at the time.
  • Steve opened this business with his family, on the same property where his father had opened and operated a fruit shop for 20 years.
  • Steve identified a gap in the market here, a lack of design and innovation across the nursery furniture space, a gap between what the customer wanted and what was available.


  • Steve created his own range, exclusive to Cuddles ‘n’ Mum, called Carla’s Country Collection, named after his daughter. With no experience in timber design and construction Steve began to design furniture, keeping design and assembly in-house, contracting the manufacturing process.
  • As Carla’s Country Collection grew, it was necessary for Steve to move manufacturing from Australia to New Zealand, where they could keep the costs low, partnering with a timber-based furniture company. 
  • During this year, Steve was asked to join an advisory panel organised by the ACCC, representing retailers in Australia


  • In 2004, after 17 years, Steve and his family decided to close Cuddles ‘n’ Mum. The reason for this was family. Steve and Josie (Steve’s wife) gave a lot of time and energy to the business, and with 3 children, they agreed to close the store.
  • Although there was demand to keep Carla’s Country Collection, Steve, together with the company in New Zealand became Tasman Eco.
  • Tasman comes from the sea between Australia and New Zealand, and eco for the commitment to use plantation timber. 


  • As production costs increased, manufacturing in New Zealand became expensive and unsustainable.
  • The team in New Zealand were looking at other ventures and Steve eventually bought out the business and moved everything back to Australia, all while looking for another manufacturing solution that was sustainable and could meet the demand for product back in Australia.


  • After extensive research, manufacturing moved to China. We still work with the same factory.
  • During one of the first trips to China, Steve met Lester. He helped Steve build key relationships with leading manufacturers, focused on safety and quality assurance in production.
  • Lester was hired as a full-time member of Tasman Eco, where he still works today. He manages the manufacturing and quality control.
  • Following the move to China Tasman Eco became a market leader in nursery furniture, while maintaining an affordable price point.


  • In 2020, Steve’s children John and Carla joined the business. John and Carla both brought fresh eyes to the process and the brand. 
  • At the end of 2020, Tasman Eco launched a new website and rebranded, it was a pivotal step for Tasman Eco. 
  • At the time, the Tasman Eco business was strictly wholesale, and the new website only sold spare parts to customers.


  • Tasman Eco was growing and early in 2021, it was recognised that business could move from beyond wholesale and direct to customer, we launched our e-Commerce platform in August 2021.  
  • In June 2021, Carla’s husband, Steve’s son-in-law John joined the business to head up business growth and strategy, taking the Tasman Eco business online. 
  • Today, Tasman Eco is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of nursery furniture and mattresses. What began as a family business has continued to grow within the family, a wonderful team and beyond.

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