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We’ve partnered with a wonderful charity network within Australia to create the Less Waste, Love More campaign, which is focused on less waste in the nursery furniture space and providing families in need with baby products and nursery furniture of excellent quality, using our network of charities who are focused on reaching these families.

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Designing your child’s nursery can be an exciting project for parents-to-be. Finding the perfect nursery furniture and creating a stimulating environment for your child to enjoy can be as simple or as elaborate as you care to make it. But it should always be fun! 

What are the most important things in a nursery? 

Ultimately, the goal of a nursery is to create a safe, cosy and comfortable space for your baby to sleep, play and grow. But remember, your child is not going to be the only one using the room, you will too. In the end, your nursery needs to be both comfortable, functional and welcoming, for the whole family.  

As another room in the home, you want the flow to be effortless with the rest of your interiors and design space. Key thing to consider is comfort, for both parents and child. 

What are some examples of nursery planning? 

A comfortable feeding chair with a side table to match for you to spend the late nights and early mornings feeding your little one is a great little addition to any nursery. 

Carefully consider your storage options. Sufficient storage, including drawer chests and toy boxes, to keep your new collection of baby essentials and toys is a great way to efficiently use the nursery space. 

A practical changing space that is convenient and comfortable for you to change your little one with a changetable offering plenty of storage shelves for easy reach of those baby essentials can maximise both the functionality and space in the nursery. 

These are just a few ways of adding practicality, storage, functionality and ease of use to the space. Once these nursery essentials have been ironed out, you can then focus on creating a nursery space with details, colours and decor that you love. 

What options do I have for decorating my nursery?

The options are endless when it comes to decorating your nursery space. It can sometimes be overwhelming with all the nursery furniture, nursery room ideas and never-ending Pinterest inspiration photos.  

We’re here to help. We’ve created a great collection of nursery ideas in a variety of styles to help you, including neutral nursery ideas, small nursery ideas, decorating nursery ideas, baby girl nursery ideas, boy nursery ideas and much more to create the dream nursery space that you and your little one will love.

Light and Warm Neutral Nursery ideas 

Willow Cot (Earthy Tones)  

The Tasman Eco Willow Cot collection uses earthy and neutral tones to create a warm environment and setting for your little one. Practical design is key for a growing family while maintaining classic design details. It works great for many nursery room designs but is most beautifully paired with a contemporary interior. 

Check out our beautiful nursery space for a soft, warm, and neutral idea. 

Timber Wood Cot

In this room setting, we created a soft and warm feel in the space using natural light in the best way possible. Using The Tasman Eco Willow Collection Sandstone Nursery set, we paired the space with soft and warm tones. We avoided using bright colours and paired the baby cot, nursery furniture and colour paint choices to create a consistent tone. We also loved the idea of adding texture to the space with a beautiful rug, and a painted textured wall matched with soft curtains that all come together to bring a gentle softness to the space.  

What’s more, it is a friend to both you and the environment 

As with its beautiful details, curves and surfaces, the Willow Collection nursery furniture package is made with sustainably sourced, environmentally considered materials and crafted with care to last a lifetime.

Colourful Gender Neutral ideas, using pops of colours and patterns to create a fun and stimulating space 

A colourful nursery room is a great way to inspire creation, ideas and happiness.   

Check out our two examples of how you can bring bright yet neutral colours to your little one’s nursery space for a fun place to sleep, play and learn. 

Pisa (White and Sandstone) 

White Wooden Cot

This colourful nursery design uses a bright purple and yellow checked wallpaper combined with our neutral Pisa white and sandstone nursery furniture set for a colourful, harmonious and fun colour palette, that works perfectly together and doesn’t clash. The bigger check pattern in the wallpaper choice helps keep the overall design quite minimal. We’ve also chosen to use a rug that uses colour in some parts to help create a cohesive space despite the use of lots of colours.  

We have complemented this all with small accessories like a striped pattern pillow using similar colours and patterns connected throughout, so they won’t clash with the rest of the space.  

It truly is a beautiful design that just works. We love this room as a great way to use colour and bring all the fun energy to your baby’s space without it being too overwhelming.  

Venice Room (Cheeky Bub Shoot)  

Kids in a nursery room

This stunning design uses colours and shapes, playing with some fun toys and textures to create an exciting and engaging space for your little one.  

The Tasman Eco Venice Cot and Chest sit beautifully at the centre of the nursery with clean lines and finishes that offer a striking contrast from the pale neutral orange palette and fun pops of colour of the throws and pillows to create a calm but energetic space. 

Using fun accessories such as framed paintings and beautiful pieces like the giraffe, hot air balloon and wooden chair to bring texture and engaging objects for your little one to interact with and enjoy.  

Baby girl nursery ideas 

Rio Cot  

There are so many nursery ideas and baby girl nursery designs to choose from for a little girl’s room. Of course, colour and gender-neutral nursery options such as the above are great for versatility and changing to a children’s bedroom in later life. 

For a more traditional baby girl nursery design, add pink tones and soft furnishing to your nursery room.  

White Wooden Cot

This beautiful baby girls’ room design marries the beautifully textured pastel wall and best-selling Rio Cot, with a khaki green tile, creating a lovely tonal moment in the space.  

The ash and white combination of the Rio cot brings character to the nursery, creating a sleep space that your little one will love in their early years. 

The complimenting pastel pink wall that is beautifully textured, paired with a khaki green tile created a lovely tonal moment in the space whilst adding variety to the colour palette.

This spectacular mixture of varying textures like the rug under the baby cot and the side table uses shapes to bring depth to the space, without being too jarring. Adding other colours to the mix with coloured sheets, like the yellow in the photo, and the deep burgundy muslin creates another layer of colour and depth to create a gender-neutral nursery. 

A beautiful space for your little girl or boy, we love how you can use various shades of one colour paired with other tonal elements to create a layered space.  

Pisa (Sandstone)  

This room setting features our Pisa baby cot and Pisa nursery drawers in a beautiful pink space that uses varying shades of pink to create a warm and layered space for your little one.  

Our Pisa pieces have been beautifully designed to bring a soft and gentle feel to your nursery with considered details and soft curves and considered shapes and details. With modern lines, the Pisa cot sits beautifully in your nursery, as an excellent foundation to help you create a haven for your little one. 

It is no secret that the use of texture and pattern across a similar colour palette can help to make your nursery furniture the hero sitting pride of place, without taking away from the space.  

Wood Sandstone Cot

As you can see, texture really comes alive within this space. Considered details such as using a beautiful rug that uses shapes and colour to tie the space nicely or using both a boucle stool and leather seat for your little one to enjoy helps ensure nothing feels separate and really completes the space.  

Baby boy nursery ideas 

Venice Room Setting  

Although we chose this room setting as a space for a boys room, although we think it could be appropriate for any setting including a gender-neutral nursery. Using the Venice Nursery Package, we’ve chosen to highlight and utilise the colour blue with a textured wall, using shapes and patterns that are fun and engaging.  

White Wooden Cot With Drawers

We paired the blue wall with a yellow and green carpet and then continued to use patterns and textures throughout for a beautiful baby boy room design that can is tied together with cute accessories for a little one to enjoy. 

The design and colour palette aren’t too intense on the eye or for the baby, leaving plenty of room to layer the space with accessories like the basket and baby gym pictured.  

All the essentials you need to set up your nursery. This nursery really takes into consideration the space and functionality of the room. 

The Venice package marries everything together and has everything you need to create a wonderful foundation as you build and create your child’s nursery. Regal in design and slightly larger than your regular baby cot, the Venice Cot is functional and safe. It sits beautifully in pride and place charming with its clean lines, finishes and beautiful timber textures complete the space. 

The stunning Venice Chest features 3 large drawers, with plenty of space and storage and serves as a great surface to add a changing mat as your changing station. 

This beautiful baby boy nursery is functional and safe and provides everything a baby needs for a good night’s sleep.  

Budget Nursery Room  

Eden Compact Cot  

We loved creating this beautiful neutral space that uses colour and shapes so superbly. The space features our Eden Compact Cot (in white and ash, also available in all-white), using textures and a pastel palette to create a gentle and warm space for your little one. Adding artwork and a baby mobile to create layers for a unique and character-filled space that is perfect for a little baby girl or boy.

White Wooden Cot

The accessories used in this space are easy to find and even DIY if you’re feeling up to the challenge. You don’t need to splurge on nursery room furniture, our Eden Compact Cot comes in at $349.99 (RRP), find a colour you like for the walls and paint them as you please, and you’ll be able to find great rugs and accessories for the nursery at excellent prices, without breaking your budget.  

We hope you enjoyed all our nursery room ideas and take some inspiration when creating your space. Check out all our other guides and information to help guide your journey such as How to pick the right mattress for your baby? Or find more furniture inspiration such as The Willow Collection by Tasman Eco and Skeehan Studio 

At Tasman Eco, we are always looking at finding ways to help our Australian parents provide the best experience, nursery space and nursery furniture for their little ones.  We are happy to help you on this exciting journey.

By Carla Cenatiempo

June 2, 2023

Carla is the Marketing Lead at Tasman Eco, she has been with the business for almost 3 years now and loves being able to work with Australian families every day. It’s really important for her to share both quality and valuable content on nursery furnitures, with families to ensure they have peace of mind when growing their family amongst all of the noise in the space. Highlighting the importance of selecting the right baby cot and bassinet as part of the nursery setup, she focuses on providing information that helps families make informed decisions for their comfort and safety.

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