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We’ve partnered with a wonderful charity network within Australia to create the Less Waste, Love More campaign, which is focused on less waste in the nursery furniture space and providing families in need with baby products and nursery furniture of excellent quality, using our network of charities who are focused on reaching these families.

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We are very excited to announce and launch the Willow Collection, designed by Skeehan Studio for Tasman Eco. It has been a 2 year long collaboration to create this special collection. 

The Process

Back in 2021, we assessed the market (including our products) and realised something was missing for expecting parents. We were after a fresh look and feel, with a large focus on the design and the people behind the design. Nursery furniture is such a special part of your home and we wanted to connect our customers with our products.After multiple conversations and research we finally connected with Tom Skeehan, of Skeehan Studio. An award-winning industrial design studio, based in Canberra, but more importantly a studio who understood our vision

After initial chats, it was clear Tom understood what we were trying to achieve. He leaned into the Tasman Eco culture and understood who we were. At Tasman Eco, our focus had always been creating quality products that passed and exceeded the strict Australian Standards. What Skeehan provided was a new and fresh approach while maintaining the quality we were known for. 

After seeing some initial concepts, we fell in love. We decided to design an entire collection with the Skeehan team, where a new family could find a selection of cohesively designed, beautiful pieces. We decided on a cot, nursery drawers, a toy box, bedside table and a set of wall shelves. We ensured all the items, outside of the cot, would be able to be used well beyond the early years.

The Collection

All of the pieces in the Willow collection were equally important, however, the cot was the heart of the collection. Cots provide a safe resting place, little ones, we didn’t want to just meet the Australian Standards but think beyond them. We tested multiple variations of the cot, engaging with parents throughout the design process to understand what was important to them. In the end, out of all the variations, we decided on the Willow cot. Everyone loved the smooth, clean and minimal finish. Its beauty came from the hand finished curves, textures and softness.

Willow Complete Nursery Package (Out of Stock)

$3,749.94 $2,599.99



  • Colour: Sandstone
  • The Willow Complete Package includes; the Willow Cot, the Willow 3-Drawer Chest, the Willow Toy Box, the Willow Side Table, an Orthopaedic Mattress and a Manchester Pack. Items will come flat packed, or mostly assembled (the toy box and side table). Each item will come through with it’s relevant instructions and hardware for assembly.
  • Materials: the cot frame and its legs are made of Pine Timber, the cot dowels are made of a Birchwood timber, and the cot base slats are made of LVL. The chest frame, drawer fronts and legs are made of Pine Timber, the internal drawer sides and back panels are made of MDF Timber. The toy box is made completely of Pine Timber. The side table, the chest frame, drawer fronts and legs are made of Pine Timber, the internal drawer sides and back panels are made of MDF Timber. The wall shelves are made completely of Pine Timber.
  •  2 year warranty

Experience and Design Focused

Tom made it very clear that the collection would focus on enhancing the experience of the parent and their little one.. The daily routine of a parent, taking their child in and out of the cot was an area of focus.. There was a focus on the curved top rail,, as with the dowels on the cot. It was absolutely necessary to keep these soft to touch and have it be a nice experience for parents if they were leaning over their child’s cot or if child or parent reached through the dowels. These elements on the piece are finished by hand, a truly wonderful detail we’re very proud of. 

“We wanted to capture the emotional significance and value that a cot has in a person’s journey as a growing family,” said Tom. “The Willow Collection is a celebration of materiality and craftsmanship, and we believe it offers families a range of elegant and modern furniture that adapts with their changing needs.”

While we are finally able to share our excitement about these beautiful pieces, we can’t deny there were some challenges along the way. Probably the most significant challenge, a global pandemic. We experienced huge delays in receiving samples, passing back feedback and keeping momentum on the project.  This project is two years in the making, a project we’re extremely proud of and excited to share with our customers. 

The Willow Collection is exclusively available to purchase from Tasman Eco and selected retailers across Australia. 

Shop the Willow Collection by Tasman Eco and Skeehan Studio here.

By Carla Cenatiempo

March 6, 2023

Carla is the Marketing Lead at Tasman Eco, she has been with the business for almost 3 years now and loves being able to work with Australian families every day. It’s really important for her to share both quality and valuable content on nursery furnitures, with families to ensure they have peace of mind when growing their family amongst all of the noise in the space. Highlighting the importance of selecting the right baby cot and bassinet as part of the nursery setup, she focuses on providing information that helps families make informed decisions for their comfort and safety.

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