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Choosing your baby cot or cot mattress is an important decision that you will make when putting together your child’s nursery. Choosing a mattress that is safe, and promotes good airflow and circulation for your baby is important to ensure they are safe and comfortable when sleeping. All Tasman Eco mattresses have been tested, approved, and recommended with Australian and New Zealand safety standards. Tasman Eco baby cots are a wonderful choice to consider when selecting your nursery furniture. Offering functionality and style, they will grow with your child as they reach the important milestones in their early years.When choosing the correct cot mattress, it is important that the size of the cot or bassinet mattress is one that has been recommended exactly for your selected cot. For each Tasman Eco cot, we will always recommend you the correct sized cot mattress that you should select when choosing both your cot and mattress.

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