Pocket Spring Mattress (1300x690x120)



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Value and quality focused

Our most value and quality focused mattress. Rolling up this mattress in a box means we save not only on shipping costs but also with storage. These savings are passed on directly to the customer.

Pocket spring mattress

The mattress is made of individual springs, each individually wrapped in cloth, each of them working individually to keep a firm and supportive surface for your little one. It can be used on both sides.

Safe and approved

This new mattress has been made with the same quality practices as our other baby cot mattresses, designed for your little one to sleep safely during those early months and years. It has been tested and approved with the Australian Cot Mattress Standards.

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  • hero_block1_title: Comfortable and Lightweight
  • hero_block1_content: Each pocket spring is individually wrapped to create a comfortable and lightweight sleep surface for your little one. It is a firm mattress that has been tested and approved in line with Australian Standards.
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Pocket Spring Mattress (1300x690x120)