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With so many different mattress types in the market today, it can be confusing for mattress shoppers. We are going to compare two of the most popular mattress types today; innerspring and pocketspring mattresses.

We will cover each mattress type, the benefits of both and some other key and popular questions, assessing each for babies, children and adults.

What is an Innerspring Mattress?

Innerspring springs are one of the oldest mattress types and is most commonly used in households.

Innerspring mattresses are made of metal coils (almost always steel) in their core support base, providing a strong and resilient sleeping surface. All of the springs are connected in a single unit. The innerspring unit is covered by padding, between foam, felt and other fibres, and sometimes additional layers of smaller steel springs.

Innerspring mattresses require all of the springs to work together in order to support the sleeper. If there are more springs, this means more points of support, meaning that the mattress is able to contour more and support the sleeper better.

Modern innerspring mattress options are relatively inexpensive to produce and they are a popular, budget-friendly option.

Types of Innerspring Mattress

There are a couple of different innerspring mattress types available and finding the right mattress type for you will help to enhance your sleep quality.

Mattress construction will vary as well as the coil and spring type.

Continuous Coil

A continuous coil spring mattress is made up of rows of flat and connected single-wire coils. The coils and springs are connected, and all must work together at the same time in order to provide support to the sleeper.

Looks less like a series of coils and more like a lattice of metal supports.

Bonnel Coil

Also known as open coils, the Bonnell coil type is the oldest version of the innerspring mattress. Using almost hourglass shaped coils, used throughout the mattress and are connected by smaller helical coils.

Offset Coil

The offset mattress coil is an improved version of the Bonnell coil. It uses cylindrical coils that are able to hold up more than the hourglass shaped Bonnell coil. However, it is the more expensive option.

Pros and Cons of Innerspring Mattresses


  • Affordable:

    Innerspring mattresses normally have fewer layers than other mattress types, making them cheaper to produce and therefore a lower price for the customer.

  • Breathability:

    The innerspring coil unit ensures airflow is high, to help prevent the comfort layer from overheating and as a cool space for the sleeper.

  • Support:

    Innerspring mattresses offer a supportive surface for sleepers, they are a great option for stomach and back sleepers as well as those with lower back pain, where the individual finds them to be very supportive.


  • Heavy:

    The steel coils in an innerspring mattress add significant weight to the beds and can be difficult to handle when lifting.

  • Movement:

    Innerspring mattresses are not great when it comes to isolating motions. As all of the coils work together, rather than isolating different pressure points. The metal coils resist compression, meaning that innerspring mattresses simply create a supportive flat surface for the body to rest on.

  • Wear and Tear:

    The springs on an innerspring mattress tend to wear quickly, faster than foam and over time the springs can become noisy.

How to pick the best Innerspring Mattress?

When choosing an innerspring mattress, there are some key considerations to consider;

  1. BudgetThis is an important one. Knowing how much you can spend will allow you to work out exactly which price range you can play in, and help you to create a shortlist of some potential mattress options.
  2. The Coil SystemAs we mentioned earlier there are different innerspring mattress types to choose from, each with their own pros and cons. Bonnell coils are not overly expensive and have varied firmness levels. Continuous coils offer excellent support levels and don’t transfer motion. It is important to familarise yourself with each to ensure you find the best option to suit your personal requirements.
  3. Coil Count
    The number of coils used in your mattress can sometimes affect the mattress. Normally, the innerspring mattress coil count is around 600 – 1,000, which is enough to provide great support levels across different body types. Important to remember that the more coils there are, does not always mean a better mattress. Sometimes a lot more coils will mean that the coils are thinner, meaning a less supportive sleep surface.
  4. Comfort Layer
    Usually placed on top of the coil system, this layer is where your body will lie, meaning it will determine your comfort also. Manufacturers often use foam, micro coils, latex and wool as a comfort layer with innerspring mattresses.
  5. WarrantyA good warranty is your cover and protection as a customer, it also is proof that the manufacturer is confident in the quality and durability of the mattress,
  6. Sleep Trial
    Most companies who sell mattresses these days offer sleep trials, usually up to 120 days. These are a great way to test the mattress and how it works for your body types. In the case that it doesn’t work for you, you can easily return it and receive a refund.

Is an Innerspring Mattress good for back pain?

Innerspring mattresses are preferred by stomach and back sleepers as well as those with lower back pain, and any others who feel other mattresses don’t offer sufficient support.

Innerspring mattresses generally have fewer foam layers than other mattress types. They do offer pressure relief, however with less comfort. If you prefer to feel as though you’re lying on top of a mattress instead of sinking into it, innerspring mattresses are a good balance between back pain relief and support.

What is an Pocketspring Mattress?

A pocket spring mattress is made from individual pocket springs. Each pocket spring is enclosed within its own fabric pockets The springs work on their own, independently from each other, as they simply react to pressure when applied to that area. This results in a more personalised support and response to each individual sleeping on the mattress.

Pocket springs don’t move as a whole unit, like an innerspring mattress. This helps to reduce the transfer of movement to other areas of the mattress.

Pros and Cons of a Pocketspring Mattress


  • Customised Support:Unlike the springs in innerspring mattresses, the individually wrapped springs move independently from one another. This means the pocket springs can and will mould to the shape of the sleeper and their preferred sleeping position.
  • Long Lasting;The springs used in a pocket spring mattress are different to those used in an innerspring mattress, where they are the same shape from top to bottom, a cylinder. These coils are generally more durable than the springs used in an innerspring mattress. The materials used across the springs does not differ, however the cloth that wraps each of the springs acts as a protective mechanism which also helps them to last longer.
  • Temperature Control; Pocket spring coils help to promote good air circulation and cooler temperatures as the air can pass through the space between each spring.


  • Cost:Pocket spring mattresses, usually are a more expensive mattress choice.

How to pick the best Pocketspring Mattress?

A pocket spring mattress is an excellent mattress choice, although with so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to make a decision. Some key points to remember when choosing a pocket spring are listed below.

  1. Budget:This is an important one. Knowing how much you can spend will allow you to work out exactly which price range you can play in and help you to create a shortlist of some potential mattress options.
  2. Spring Count:Mattress buyers can often confuse spring tension with the mattress feel, this is incorrect and will mean that you are likely to purchase the wrong spring tension and end up with an uncomfortable mattress. The minimum amount of pocket springs to look out for is 1,000 in a king size mattress and you should avoid mattresses with more than 3,000 springs as these are micro springs and will reduce the quality of support significantly.

Is a Pocketspring Mattress good for back pain?

A pocket spring mattress is an excellent mattress choice for those who suffer from back pain. They offer a combination of stiffness, springiness and work with the sleeper to conform to the body, offering pressure based on the points where it is needed.

Are Pocketspring Mattress comfortable?

Pocket spring mattresses respond better to pressure points. As each spring is wrapped on its own, they can each move individually according to the shape and pressure they feel. This helps to create relief and can spread the pressure from these points to more than one spring. This ultimately results in a more comfortable sleeping experience.

Is 1,000 Pocket Springs enough?

The minimum amount of pocket springs to look out for is 1,000 in a king size mattress and you should avoid mattresses with more than 3,000 springs as these are micro springs and will reduce the quality of support significantly.

Difference between Pocketspring and Innerspring

Innerspring Mattress Construction and Thickness

Innerspring mattresses are made of mostly metal coils, all of the coils/springs are connected in a single unit, meaning that all of the springs move together here. The innerspring base is normally covered by padding, using either foam or felt, sometimes it will have a plush topper for additional comfort.

Pocketspring Mattress Construction and Thickness

Compared to an Innerspring mattress, a pocket spring mattress is known to provide a more individualised and customised sleeping experience. This is due to the springs, they are not connected, and they are each wrapped in separate fabric pockets, meaning they each work on their own in accordance with the individual sleepers pressure points.

Pocket spring mattresses are made using a layer of pocket springs, and then using layers of felt and foam, to create a supportive and comfortable sleep surface.

About Tasman Eco Mattresses

Tasman Eco is one of Australia’s leading baby cot mattress manufacturers and has been for close to 20 years. As mattress technologies have grown and improved over time, so have the processes, materials and testing principles that Tasman Eco use, for both baby cot mattresses and now adult mattresses.

Tasman Eco Innerspring Mattress

In the current Tasman Eco mattress range, we only have one Innerspring Mattress, for baby cots. There are two Innerspring Mattress types in the range;

  1. The Essential Innerspring Mattress has an innerspring base, and can be used on either side and they come with a non-removable polyester cover. The Essential Innerspring Mattress is recognised as a better option for airflow, more than any foam option.
  2. ThePremium Innerspring Mattress also has an innerspring base, and when compared to the Essentials Innerspring Mattress, it is considered the premium option simply because of the quality of materials used. The Premium Innerspring Mattress has a removable cover, which is machine-washable, made of both polyester and cotton. The mattress can be used on both sides and the quality of materials throughout the entire mattress is more luxurious and of a slightly higher quality.

*Important to note that we will be discontinuing our Innerspring Mattresses in the coming months.

Tasman Eco Pocketspring Mattress

The Tasman Eco Pocket Spring Mattress is a recent introduction to the mattress range, and one that Tasman Eco is proud to sell. As you’ve read throughout this article, you can probably note that pocket spring mattresses are a better option. Using an individual pocket spring base, which provides excellent, individual support, as each spring is required to work on its own, reacting to the individual’s sleeping habits.

Tasman Eco offers pocket spring mattress options for both baby cots and for adults (which are an excellent option for when your little one transitions from cot to bed). All of our pocket spring mattresses feature layers of foam and felt for increased comfort and firmness and also uses a 100% polyester cover that is breathable and light.

By Carla Cenatiempo

August 9, 2022

Carla is the Marketing Lead at Tasman Eco, she has been with the business for almost 3 years now and loves being able to work with Australian families every day. It’s really important for her to share both quality and valuable content on nursery furnitures, with families to ensure they have peace of mind when growing their family amongst all of the noise in the space. Highlighting the importance of selecting the right baby cot and bassinet as part of the nursery setup, she focuses on providing information that helps families make informed decisions for their comfort and safety.

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