Tasman Eco + Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors

Tasman Eco is very excited to announce its new collaboration with Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors. This collaboration guarantees an ongoing contribution from both Tasman Eco and its customers, supporting the work of the Wildlife Warriors. 

The Wildlife Warriors organisation was established in 2002 by Steve and Terri Irwin, as a way to include and involve individuals, creating a community, all with the same views and values, in the protection of injured, threatened or endangered wildlife. Their vision has always been to ensure that people, wildlife and habitat can survive and prosper without being detrimental to the existence of each other.  

The Wildlife Warriors is a non-for-profit charity. Today, they work across nine different global conservation projects, three vast conservation properties all with the support of a loyal network of people who work with them, carrying on the dream that both Steve and Terri brought to life when creating the Wildlife Warriors.  

Beginning in February 2022, for every order direct from the Tasman Eco website, Tasman Eco will donate $5 per order to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors*. This donation will go towards ensuring they can continue their work across new and current projects, to protect our wildlife, and continuing to improve the space in which humans, wildlife and habitat can exist.  

As the collaboration between Tasman Eco and the Wildlife Warriors grows, the team at Tasman Eco will continue to share good news stories and updates here, celebrating the work we are all helping with. 

The Tasman Eco team is very excited to work alongside and in collaboration with the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors.  

You can learn more about the Wildlife Warriors here.  

You can explore the current Tasman Eco collection here.  

*Tasman Eco will donate $5 per order, for every order that contains a piece of furniture. Furniture is defined as cots, compact cots, chests, change tables, bassinets, mattresses and nursery furniture packages. Manchester, accessories, and spare parts are not included.