Tasman Eco + ReForest Now

Tasman Eco is delighted to be working with ReForest Now as a key charity partner for the month of December and January. ReForest Now is a non-profit environmental NGO that protects, conserves and regenerates forests in Australia.

For the months of December and January, for every order including a piece of furniture*, Tasman Eco will work with ReForest Now to plant a tree.

ReForest Now’s mission is to see large-scale reforestation of Australia’s rainforests. They operate a rainforest nursery, tree planting, rainforest regeneration, maintenance, partnerships, scientific and administration teams. This importance of this mission resonates with the team at Tasman Eco, and we are happy to be supporting this initiative.

As part of the work being done, they prioritise vulnerable and endangered species, the genetic diversity of each tree species, biodiversity and the ecological awareness of the planting sites for the long-term life and survival of the trees planted. ReForest Now have worked to achieve high survival rates (avg. 95%) through their planting techniques, especially during the early stages of plant growth, these trees are maintained and protected by agreements made with landholders. 

So far, ReForest Now have planted 231,606 trees, restored 30 hectares, they grow over 100 species (some of which are listed as vulnerable or endangered), and with around 5 trees offsetting 1 tonne of C02, they have sequestered 46,321.00 tonnes of CO2. We plan to help grow these numbers even further.

Tasman Eco is proud to be working with ReForest Now, where our values for sustainability are truly aligned. To have our customers join us on this journey is truly exciting and we look forward to creating a better world for all of us.

Go ahead and explore the Tasman Eco furniture collection here, and let’s start planting!
*Furniture is defined as cots, compact cots, chests, change tables, bassinets, mattresses and nursery furniture packages. Manchester, accessories and spare parts are not included.